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OER Resources

An online resource to help faculty navigate the world of OER

Steps in the Process

Step 1.  Set aside time

  • Like research, using OER or going Textbook Cost $0 for your classes can take some time.  
  • The work you do will help define the SLOs for your course and modules.
  • You will help remove cost as a barrier to student success!

Step 2.  Analyze syllabus

  • Instead of trying to find materials first, critically examine your syllabus and its learning objectives either by module or week-to-week.
  • What do you want students to know? Answering this question will make searching for materials much easier.

Step 3.  Look for teaching materials

Step 4.  Analyze materials

Step 5.  Put together materials in a meaningful manner

​Contact Jeffrey Marzluft for additional help


Remember - This is a Learning Experience!

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