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An online resource to help faculty navigate the world of OER

Helpful Narrative

Think about the process you use to evaluate or decide which textbook and/or materials you will use for your class.  You can apply these same principles to the evaluation of Open or "Textbook cost $0" options as well.  Some criteria you might include are:

  • Content -- Is it accurate and reflect what you are teaching
  • Accessible -- Is the content too technical or too easy for your students? 
  • Use -- How can you use the content.  What type of license does it have?
  • Use (part 2) --  Can you use this content on its own or do you need to supplement it with something. Can you combine it with other material?


Other guides and checklists for assessing materials

Other advice

  • SAVE your materials in a central location.  That way it will be easier to organize.
  • TALK to colleagues about what they are using or find helpful.