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OER Resources

An online resource to help faculty navigate the world of OER

What is OER?

"The OERs - Open Educational Resources"(3 min) by intheacademia is licensed by CC BY 3.0.

The following webinar (45 min.) from Drexel University offers an excellent introduction to OER.  Although created for the Drexel University community it covers issues such as: 

  • Definition of OER and the history of its development
  • Examples of OER success stories
  • Advantages of OER
  • Barriers to the use of OER
  • Research on the effectiveness and value of OER
  • Q/A from the audience

Finding and Adopting OER

A short webinar designed for faculty to assist them in finding and using OER with the help of a librarian.  From the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources.

This  is the second part of the Drexel University webinar. It includes more practical information on OER including:

  • Examples of OER in use in a currently taught online course.
  • Best practices when evaluating OER materials, including how to vet for currency and accuracy, usability of navigation, an accessibility of content.
  • A step-by-step scenario in which a faculty member identifies and implements OER resources.
  • Best Practices for creating your own OER resources.
  • Q/A from the audience

Try it Yourself - Open Course