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ENG 100

Library Research Assistance for all students in English 100

What if I can't find anything?

If you cannot find any information on your topic, several things could be happening:

  • Is your topic too narrow or specific? You may need to broaden the topic itself or the geography. 
  • Is your topic too obscure?  Try a general Google search on some search terms related to your topic.  
  • You are using the wrong keywords.  Try different keywords and combinations of keywords.
  • Review any information you already have to find more information.  Are there any particular people, studies, reports, mentioned?  Try and find those.
  • Consult a Librarian for more help! 

What are peer-reviewed or scholarly articles?

  • Popular magazine articles are typically written by journalists (not specialists) and the articles are edited by professional editors, not experts in the field.
  • “Scholarly” means the article was written by an expert for an audience of other experts, researchers or students.
  • “Peer-reviewed” takes it one step further and means the article was reviewed and critiqued by the author’s peers who are experts in the same subject area. 
  • EBSCO Databases allow you to restrict your search to just popular or scholarly articles using the refine menu on the eft hand side.

How do I find an article if I already have the citation?

The library has a tool that searches all the library's databases for journal and magazine titles.  If you have an article citation or simply want to see if the library subscribes to a particular title, enter it into the tool below and expand on your results to go the particular databases that has the title:

Journal Search

What is Full Text?

  • Full text means that the entire article is available to read through one of the databases.  
  • If the article is not available, you will simply see the article information but not be able to read the article.
  • The UHMC databases are preset to search only for the full text of articles.

What about Google Scholar?

Google Scholar is linked to the UHMC Library. If Google Scholar finds an article which is available through the Library's subscription databases, you will be able to have access to it.  To do this you must do one of two things:

  1. Use the Google Scholar link from the Library's A-Z List of Databases.
  2. Manually link your Google Scholar account to the UHMC library. Click on the three horizontal bars in the upper left, click Settings > Library Links: enter "University of Hawaii Maui College" in the area provided. 

 Articles indicated with "Get Article" are available through UHMC Library.

For more information, consult the UHMC Library Guide to Google Scholar.

Google Scholar Search

What if I am having trouble accessing Library materials?

If you are having trouble accessing library-subscribed databases, please try the following: