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Are you Research Ready?

A step-by-step guide to prepare you to access library electronic databases and resources

Student Status Requirements

In order to access much of the library's content and electronic resources (including library databases, multimedia, and eBooks), there are a few requirements.

You must:

  1. Be a student registered for at least one UHMC class. If you are registered at another UH campus (even if you're on Maui), you can only access materials from the campus where you are registered. If you are registered for classes at more than one UH campus, knowing which campus library resources you have access to may be tricky. For situations like this, you may need to talk to a librarian to confirm your access.
  2. Be registered for classes in the current semester.
  3. Be in good standing at the registrar and business office (paid in full). 
    • If you are waiting for financial aid or VA benefits to complete your tuition payments, please see a librarian so we can verify your status.