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Library Support for Distance Learning

Overview of Distance Learning Support

Distance learning and outreach is a combined effort on the part of the UHMC library. Our support goal to distance learning and outreach is to make sure we are educating our UHMC "distance" students on what library materials and services are available to them and engaging with them as much as possible.

UH Center Students should contact the library at their home campus or contact UH Center for research help. 

→ Remote Research Help
Students and faculty are able to chat, text, or call a librarian for immediate assistance during library open hours. Search HelpFAQ,  and library skills DIY pages are available 24/7.

→ Online Teaching and Learning Modules
A collection of online library orientation activities and interactive learning modules have been created with UHMC distant learners in mind. UHMC library-created modules utilize the ADA compliant heading structure. The training videos from Credo are packaged with ADA compliant, downloadable scripts. 

→ Electronic Materials 
The library works to develop a balanced collection of research materials in electronic format for every subject taught through UHMC. The Databases A-Z page organizes library databases alphabetically, by subject, and by type. Supplemental ebooks and streaming media are purchased for online classes. 

→ Additional Library Support for Distance Learning 

  • Customized videos, tutorials, and class research guides
  • Classroom materials (ebooks and other electronic materials)
  • OER & Textbook Cost $0 Efforts 
  • Mobile Tools 
  • Online Copyright Consultations
  • Travel to Outreach Sites 
  • Skype & Google Hangouts
  • Social Media Engagement

→ Future Support Plans for Distance Learning 

  • Embed into "live sessions"
  • Integration with Laulima
  • Online Course Reserves
  • Online "Events"
  • Broadcasting and Uploading of Library Events & Sessions 
  • Student-Facing DL Page

UHMC Library Resources for Teaching Information Literacy



  • Library Online Scavenger Hunt
    Introduction to the library website, search systems, and how to contact a librarian for help. Students explore core library databases and search systems and learn strategies and specific techniques for making them work.