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COM 145: Overview

A guide to Library resources for students in Communication 145

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Your friendly neighborhood librarian

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Presentation Advice and Hints


There are many different places to find presentation assistance on the web.  Here are a few crucial pieces of advice: 

  • Be Clear  -- You may know what you are talking about, but your audience may not.  Make sure you are using words and phrases that they will understand.  Avoid jargon or specialized  language. Try not to ramble or keep repeating the thing.
  • Remember your Audience -- Pay attention to your audience's cues: do they look bored or confused? Are they engaged?  Are they understanding what you want them to understand? An activity or interactive handout is a great way to do this.
  • Technology -- If you are going to use technology, make sure it works and make sure you know how to use it... There is no better way to make your audience bored than making them wait.