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Researching Local Topics: Statistics and Government Sources

A guide for researchers examining issues in the islands.

Hawai'i Government Resources

State and the county governments publish reports and statistics on issues pertaining to local issues.  Such data is available for free online. You will need to navigate to the appropriate government department online to find the reports and statistics. You may also find success by emailing a government official or calling an office. 

Listed below are links to select Hawai'i State government departmental websites.  If you don't see what you want, check out the links above.

Hawaiʻi Statistics and Background Data

  • State of Hawaii Data Book 
    "...official summary of statistics on the social, economic, and political organization of our state." 2000-present.
  • Maui County Data Book
    "... a useful and valuable source of economic, demographic and other statistical information about the County of Maui." 
  • Native Hawaiian Databook 
    "...official summary of statistics on the social, economic, and political organization of our state...also includes resource lists for education, health, human services, and economic development, and GIS maps to illustrate the demographic distribution of the Native Hawaiian population in the state of Hawaiʻi."



Research Tip

Would the State Government be interested in your issue? 

Your tax dollars allow the State to collect statistics and produce reports on hundreds of issues such as pollution, homelessness, tourism, or the local eco-system.

Ask yourself:  "Where does my topic intersect with the state or local government?"

Then, use the links on the right to find the government agencies and departments relating to your topic.  Search within those departments to find the reports and studies relevant to your topic.  

Be aware that each site may look and feel a bit different so be patient and look around where the reports may be listed.