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Database Troubleshooting: How to Clear Browser Cache, History and Cookies


If while trying to access library databases from off-campus or while using the wireless on campus, you get a message that says something like "SSL connection error" or "secure connection failed": follow these instructions.

If this does not clear the error, please contact the Systems Office at Hamilton Library at UH Manoa, at 956-7853 or


Chrome Browser

Screenshot of Chrome browser showing "SSL connection error" message.

Screenshot showing how to find Settings menu.

Screenshot showing the "show advanced settings" link.

Screenshot showing the "clear browsing data" button under Privacy.

The clear browsing data screen, showing that the "Cookies" box is checked and the "beginning of time" option is selected.

Firefox Browser

Screenshot of the Firefox browser showing the "secure connection failed" error message.

Screenshot showing the Firefox browser setting menu.

Choose "Options" from this menu.

Screenshot showing the "clear your recent history" link in the Privacy setting.


Screenshot showing the Clear All History box, with the Cookies, Cache, and Site Preferences boxes checked, and the time range set to Everything.