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Citing Sources

Everything about citing sources

Citation generators

If you are writing a short paper, you may not need a full citation management system. You may want to try a web-based citation generator.  A citation generator can:

  • Help with the correct formatting of citations for a variety of sources, and
  • Allow references to be copied and pasted into a bibliography

Many citation generators are available for free on the web. Two of the more popular ones are (formally EasyBib) and Citation Machine (formally Son of Citation Machine). 

If you use a citation generator, please be sure to double check the format is correct. Purdue OWL is a really good source for doing citations. 


What is Mendeley?

Mendeley is a free tool that enables you to manage citations and PDFs using a desktop client or through your account on Mendeley also includes plugins for Word or OpenOffice, so you can easily create citations and/or bibliographies as you write your papers.

What makes Mendeley unique is that it enables you to leverage the power of social networking to create a global citation management network. Use Mendeley to connect with other researchers in your field and discover what they are reading. Recommended for large or multiple research projects and group projects

Getting help with Mendeley:

This is a great overview on the basics of using Mendeley:

The above video and information does not cover creating and managing groups in Mendeley. Below is a good, quick video tutorial on groups in Mendeley.

Please keep in mind that one thing the video does not cover is that you must click the Sync Library button to sync with your group members. 

Templates and Forms