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Are you Research Ready?: Test Your Access to Library Resources



Follow These Steps: 


#1 Confirm Your Campus

Are you registered as a current UHMC student?

✅ If Yes, proceed to #2.

⛔ If No, please contact your home campus library for help. 


#2 Test Your Access

Click on this library database link to test your access. 

You are attempting to access the Credo Reference database. The login screen should look like this:


Are you able to login? If so, you will see the Credo Reference logo on the screen. It looks like this:


✅ If Yes, you're good to go with your library research!

⛔ If No, go to Step #3 to troubleshoot your access. 


#3 Troubleshoot

If you get an error, try to match it to one of the messages below and follow the instructions. 

  1. Error Message that says "Secure Connection Failed" or "SSL Connection Error." 
    ​Try using a different browser or clearing your browser's cache, cookies, and browsing history. Instruction for this are here.

  2. Error Message that says something like, "This site can't provide a secure connection."
    Try using a different browser or clearing your browser's cache, cookies, and browsing history. Instructions for this are here.

  3. Error message that says something like, "You are not a current student" or "barcode not found..." This indicates that there is an issue with your library and/or UHMC account, and you will need to contact a librarian for help. Once you get help from a librarian and you're in the library system correctly, you will need to wait an hour and clear your browser cache before trying to log in again. Instruction for this are here.

✅ After clearing your browser's cache, cookies, and browsing history, please reboot your system and try these steps again.

⛔ If you are still unable to access Credo Reference, go to Step #4.


#4 Contact the Library

If you still can't log into Credo Reference, please contact the library. We will help you get ready for research!