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Teaching Technology: Intro

For UHMC Faculty


About this Project

Thank you to our Academic Affairs Deans who supported the library's CARES II funding requests. With these funds, the library is now able to administer campus-wide pro teacher accounts for some popular educational technology. Additional ed tech product upgrades continue to be considered for purchase. 

Building Community Around Teaching Technology

Building community is central to the library's mission, and building community around educational technology is central to helping each other successfully reach our instructional goals. With the massive shift to virtual learning, a rapidly increasing number of online educational applications are now available. The many choices now available (if not now "required") for engaging with students online can get confusing and feel overwhelming.

Many educators will agree that utilizing a variety of educational technologies creates learners who are actively engaged with learning objectives. But, what are the different types of technology available, and what and how can we best integrate them into our instruction? 

The library, in partnership with instructional designer Laureen Kodani, are working together to provide training for these classroom tools, as well as working to build a learning and support network for those in our campus community interested in ed tech. Stay tuned for updates on this project!