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Conflict Resolution Research Resources

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Find Books & Films


Results include books, ebooks, films and more. 

Use Subject Headings to find books

Subject headings allow you to search library catalogs for materials on a particular topic. Often subject heading searching can be more productive than searching by simple keywords. Listed here are some subject headings relevant to CR. To search subject headings, use the advanced search function of the UHMC Library Catalog (Primo Search).

Conflict management

Crisis management

Disarmament Dispute resolution
Family mediation Interpersonal conflict
Intervention (international law) Mediation
Negotiation Nonviolence

Pacific settlement of
international disputes



Social justice Violence prevention

Or you may want to approach the topic from the angle of the conflict that needs to be resolved:

Boundary disputes Conflict of generations
Culture conflict Ethnic conflict
Interpersonal disputes Martial disputes
Social conflict War


Finding Articles

Conflict Resolution is an interdisciplinary subject, which means you can find useful ideas, research articles, background information, and data in a variety of places. 

Social Sciences & Humanities Databases


The research literature in Education can be useful as well. The key database to search is called ERIC. Note that you may want to avoid using the term conflict resolution in your ERIC searches as you may miss great articles that use different terminology. 

Business Databases

APA 7th Edition

APA 7 Updates - 5 minute video

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