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Indigenous Methodologies

This Research Guide provides links to resources about Indigenous Methodologies.

Introduction to this Research Guide

"The ancestral knowledge systems of our kūpuna have guided us for countless generations. Ancestral indigenous ways of knowing are valid systems of knowledge grounded in the places from which they evolve. We must quote the moʻolelo of our ancestors and walk on this path so other indigenous peoples may likewise be inspired to embark on their own personal meandering journeys of rediscovery and enlightenment. This alanui kīkeʻekeʻe (zigzag road) has reminded us that the path to Kanaka knowledge is not always straight and linear. But, like the alaloa o Maui (ancestral path around the island of Maui) that encircles the island, this path has no beginning or end: ancestral knowledge is a holistic continuum grounded in the past, relevant in the present, and indispensable in the future." - Katrina-Ann R. Kapāʻanaokalāokeola Oliveira (2014, p. 114)

Indigenous methodologies are not widely recognized in contemporary society and are not always allowed to co-exist with predominant methodologies and disciplines in academia. However, insofar as research shapes policy and practice, Indigenous research methodologies could lead to greater relevancy of the research as well as enhanced research outcomes (i.e. policy, programs, and practices) for Indigenous peoples and for society as a whole.

This research guide promotes Indigenous research methodologies. The resources on this page are meant to get you started with, or continue your learning about, Indigenous research methodologies. It is in no way a comprehensive guide as there is an increasing number of publications about Indigenous research and methodologies, and as not all information on Indigenous knowledge may be intended for publication or access by the general public.

Search Tips

Here are examples of Subject Headings to include in your search -

For Kanaka methodologies:

  • Research -- Hawaii -- Methodology
  • Research -- Hawaii -- Philosophy
  • Knowledge, Theory of -- Hawaii

For Indigenous methodologies from beyond Hawaiʻi:

  • Indigenous peoples -- Research -- Methodology
  • Postcolonialism -- Research -- Methodology
  • Indigenous peoples
  • Decolonization