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Researching Current Events & Issues: Finding Articles

librarian help in researching current events and contemporary issues

Consider This First...

Unlike sources found using a general search engine such as Google, the sources you will find via the databases on this page all have one trait in common:  they have been published (they have been fact-checked and edited before publication).  This adds a great deal of credibility to the sources you use.

The CRAAP Test

When searching for news articles on your topic, beware of media bias. You may find it useful to evaluate your news sources using this test.

Article Databases


Opposing Viewpoints Reports: The following databases offer in-depth, non-biased coverage of many of today's important issues:

Newspaper & Magazine Articles: Search these magazine or newspaper databases for recent articles on all topics:

Foreign Country Articles & Resources

Subject Specific Article Databases Covering Issues & Controversies