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COM 215: Current Conflict Resources - National

An introduction to library resources for Stephen Fox's Conflict Resolution class.



  • Although reporters and publishers check their facts before publication, don't forget to use source evaluation strategies to identify any media bias. 
  • Be sure to read newspaper articles carefully. Oftentimes, the reporter will include people, organizations or companies that are proponents or opponents to a particular issue or debate. These names may be useful in your continued research. 

Articles & Reports

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Opposing Viewpoints Reports: The following databases offer in-depth, non-biased coverage of many of today's important issues:

Newspaper & Magazine Articles: Search these magazine or newspaper databases for recent articles on all topics:

EBSCO Databases that cover Issues & Controversies: Search these subject specific article databases within EBSCO (these links direct you to a listing of EBSCO databases organized by subject - select one or more of the following on that list then begin searching):


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