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Anthropology: Ethnography

A guide for students in Anthropology

Selected Online Ethnographies

Anthropology 200 Ethnographies

Please consult your syllabus and/or your instructor for guidelines and assistance for selecting an ethnography for your project.

List of Anthropology 200 Ethnographies

In the Library

You do not need to search with the catalog to find an ethnography for this class. The Anthropology 200  books are located in a special section of the library:

  • 3rd floor of the library in the General Collection
  • Find the Bookshelf labeled "11"
  • All the ethnographies are located in the same area and contain a yellow sticker on the front of the book.


There are several different ways to find an ethnography if you are an online student.

  • You can try to find an ethnography using the eBook collections of the library.  
  • Use the list of the ethnographies referenced above to help with your search
  • Use appropriate keywords and the guidelines to the assignment to help you find something.
  • The library is able to mail you a copy of any available ethnography on the Kahului Campus for you to use.


Selected Print Ethnographies