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PSY 253: Find Articles

A guide for Conflict Resolution Research


1. Consider Which Field Concerns Itself with Your Research Question

Because Conflict Resolution is a field that overlaps with many other disciplines, there is no one database that covers all of its literature. The best way to pursue your research topic is to consider which field concerns itself with your research question.

Does it relate to educational settings, business mediation, interpersonal conflict, international conflict, or another area? Consider which fields would have researchers writing about your topic and then explore the databases and other research tools that relate to those fields.

Here are some examples:

Research or project topic Fields where researchers might be exploring this topic
Bullying prevention in middle schools > Education
How people in a group or non-profit communicate >    Psychology, Sociology, Business, Communications
Conflict resolution in marriages > Psychology
Peace studies > Humanities 

2. Getting Started with Encyclopedias

How do you know which discipline to choose? Here's one strategy: try searching for your topic, or some smaller parts of it, in Credo Reference (encyclopedias), and take note of which discipline has the most coverage of that topic.


3. Finding & Selecting Databases

When you're ready to select a database, visit Databases A to Z for a complete list. From Databases A-Z, you can view subject-specific databases by filtering By Subject at the top of the screen. 



Or, select a database from the list below. 

Multidisciplinary Databases & Best Bets
Some databases have information from a range of disciplines. Academic Search Premier and JSTOR, linked below, can be great tools for finding some good information from a range of sources. 

A good way to search a database is combine two keywords or key phrases with the word and in the middle. Here are some examples:

  • music and conflict resolution 
  • NGOs and communication
  • palestine and mediation

Remember that if conflict resolution as a term isn't getting you good results, you may want to explore synonyms or related terms (like conflict management, dispute resolution, mediation, interpersonal conflict, intervention, negotiation, etc.). Or you may want to search for information just on your primary topic and see what terms are getting used within that literature. TIP: Check the subject headings associated with your favorite articles for keyword ideas. 


The research literature in Education can be useful as well. The key database to search is called ERIC. Note that you may want to avoid using the term conflict resolution in your ERIC searches as you may miss great articles that use different terminology. 

Business Databases

Other Research Guides