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BUS 120: Introduction

Recommended Research Guides

Recommended Library Databases

Hawaii Statistics and Background Data

  • State of Hawaii Data Book 
    "...official summary of statistics on the social, economic, and political organization of our state." 2000-present.
  • Maui County Data Book
    "... a useful and valuable source of economic, demographic and other statistical information about the County of Maui." 
  • Native Hawaiian Databook 
    "...official summary of statistics on the social, economic, and political organization of our state...also includes resource lists for education, health, human services, and economic development, and GIS maps to illustrate the demographic distribution of the Native Hawaiian population in the state of Hawai'i."

Using NAICS Codes

NAICS codes are used to classify and measure industry activity. Knowing the code for your industry will help you find reports, articles, and other information.


If you are unable to determine the appropriate code for an industry, look up a company you know is in that industry in EBSCO'S Business Source Complete to see what codes are assigned to that company.

Hint: Search for company name, and view the company profile to see the SIC and NAICS codes assigned by this database.

U.S. Industry & Company Data

Some statistics will appear in industry reports you find in Business Source Complete, Statista or online. Use the government websites below to find more extensive or comparative data.

Note: industry statistics will NOT mention specific companies.

Industry Snapshots
Quick statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau's Economic Census.

U.S. Census Bureau (American FactFinder)
Includes Economic Census and other government-collected data.
For a given industry and geographic area, find:
-Number of businesses,
-Employment size and payroll,
-Sales figures,
-and more.

1. Select desired industry code(s), using the link on the left-hand side.
2. Narrow results by topic and/or geography if necessary.

Tip: If your initial search fails, try a broader code designation,
i.e. 8123 vs. 812320 for Drycleaning & Laundry Services

SEC 10-K Filings
Public companies will publish legal information and information addressing regulation in their 10-K reports.  Use your browser’s Find feature to search for “regulatory,” “regulate,” “government,” “lawsuit,” “litigation,” etc.