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3D Printing: Start Here

get creative with your school projects!

Get creative and watch your ideas take shape. Choose a premade design from an online model database or create your own designs using 3D modeling software.

About the Printer

  • Makerbot Sketch (FDM) printer uses PLA & ABS filament which is very lightweight. The cost for printing is  10¢ per gram and is based on the total weight of the printed model.


Get it Printed:

  1. Review our 3D Printing Guidelines 
  2. Fill out and submit the request form online (from your phone: Text the keyword "3D" to 808-518-4080 for an auto link or go to
  3. You will be notified when your print is ready for pick-up. 


Find Free 3D Models:

  • Thingiverse - Makerbot's searchable design library community
  • 3D Warehouse  - Sketchup's searchable design library
  • Instructables community of people who like to make things 
  • Yeggi - search engine to find 3D models
  • Repables - 3D printing file repository
  • Smithsonian X3D - collection of 3D models of various artifacts from the Smithsonian Museums
  • NIH 3D Print Exchange - website for searching, browsing, downloading, and sharing biomedical 3D print files, modeling tutorials, and educational material
  • NASA 3D Resources - printable 3D models from NASA 


Desktop Software

  • TinkerCAD - A free, web-based application to create 3D models for printing. This app is very quick to learn, with quick tutorials and lessons on how to use it. It can generate quick shapes and geometry, insert letters, numbers and symbols into your model, and can import from other 3D files. It requires a free account with Autodesk.
  • SketchUp - is a great 3D modeling program with a quick learning curve and a lot of documentation.
  • Blender - an extremely powerful, open-source, professional 3D production software that allows for creation of 3D models, applications, and video games.
  • Autodesk Meshmixer - a 3D processing software that allows for editing and refining 3D models (for example, adding supports), and creating new and interesting designs.


Campus Tech Resources