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ENG: Find Books, eBooks, and more.

A guide for students in English 19/22.

Research Tip -- Books

  • You do not need to read the whole book!  Oftentimes, you will just need a section or chapter.
    • Use the Index and Table of Contents to help you find useful sections for your project.
  • Pay attention to the publication date.  Information/statistics can quickly become outdated in books.
  • Oftentimes, the introduction to the book will give you a summary of the chapters and argument of the book.

Evaluating Sources


-- When was the information created?
-- Does your topic require updated information?


-- Does the information relate to your paper/project?
-- Is it written at an appropriate level? (not too advanced or elementary)


-- Is the author qualified to write on this subject?
-- Does the URL reveal anything about the author or source?


-- Where does the information come from?
-- Is the information supported by legitimate sources?


-- Why was the site created (advertising, share knowledge, entertainment)?
-- Do the authors make their intentions clear?

Primo OneSearch

The library has a new search system that will search all the library holdings (books, films, and articles) at one time.  Be aware that you will get a lot of results.

PRIMO OneSearch


Here is a helpful video on using OneSearch:

Books are technology too!


Electronic Books

Check the Ebook Central collection for over 70,000 eBooks in all subject areas.


eBook Collection from EBSCO

A general eBook collection from EBSCO -- contains a multitude of books on a variety of subjects.