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Library Podcast Studio: Open to all UH-affiliated students, faculty and staff

DIY Podcasting

Access this User Guide for Do-It-Yourself podcasting! 

Benefits of Podcasting

With the turn to online learning, a variety of digital technology options have arisen as practicable alternatives to in-person, classroom projects and presentations.

The advantages of podcasting include a chance for students to develop their voice as well as to develop essential media and information literacy skills: Through podcasting, students learn how to research, think critically, create, iterate, and empathize with an audience. In some cases, students might market their podcasts and learn how to reach an authentic audience.

Additionally, podcasting is a way for all students to participate: Because podcasters can prep ahead of time and edit afterward, it has been found that many introverts as well as those students who need to work on projects on their own time can thrive when given the chance to podcast!

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