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A student guide for textbooks at UHMC

List of Items Currently on Reserve

What are Course Reserves?

Course Reserves are books, films, readings, etc... set aside by a faculty member for use by students.  Most print resources require the student to scan or copy the materials within the library while multimedia will have very limited borrowing times (usually overnight). Items may include library owned or instructor owned materials.

If you are interested in seeing required readings on reserve, simply ask your instructor if they can make a copy available in the library. If able, most instructors are happy to comply.

"The Fine Print"

  • Only one reserve item may be borrowed at a time.
  • Course Reserve materials with a "Library Use Only" slip must remain in the Library at all times and must not be left unattended.
  • Materials are placed on reserve so that all students have equal access. If a student consistently or intentionally prevents others from having access to reserve items, the library reserves the right to restrict use pending discussion with the instructor.
  • Contact the Circulation Staff for questions regarding Course Reserves: 984-3715