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Films on Demand at UHMC Library: Home

How to use, link, embed films from Films on Demand.

What is Films on Demand?

Films on Demand is a streaming video databases that provides instant access to videos on a variety of topics.  Videos can be watched from any computer or internet device.

Films on Demand contains over 7,000 online videos (77,000 segments) from the following categories.

    Art & Architecture
    Business & Economics
    Careers & Job Search
    Computers & Technology
    Criminal Justice
    Earth Science
    English & Language Arts
    Environmental Science
    Family & Consumer Sciences
    Guidance & Counseling
    Health & Medicine
    Philosophy & Religion
    Physical Science
    Political Science
    Technical Education

The UHMC Library pays an annual subscription fee to offer these collections to faculty and students.

How to access Films on Demand

Before you start, please be aware of the following:
  1. From most campus computers, students will be able to view embedded and linked videos without logging in (campus includes all outreach sites). 
  2. Off campus students will have to make a Films on Demand account FIRST. Students need to click the link on the library home page as shown below.
  3. Shortcut links will not work, students must click the homepage link to login.
  4. Students login to the UH authentication service, using their UH username and password.
  5. Once at the Films on Demand website, students need to make a Films on Demand account by following the instructions on the Films on Demand main webpage.
  6. Students then login to Films on Demand.
  7. Then students may go back to the embedded video or click the video link to view the video.