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ENGT: Research Guide

The CRAAP Test

Are your sources crappy or not? Evaluate your sources using this test.

Style Guides & Tools

Reference Books

Search for background information on your topic by using one of the Reference Databases listed below.

  • Literati by Credo
    Provides full-text access to a comprehensive digital library of high-quality reference materials.
  • Encyclopedia Britannica
    Provides access to the complete encyclopedia and includes many illustrations, photographs, and audio & video clips.

Large Book Collections

Electronic Books

  • ebrary - UHMC Library's subscription to more than 70,000 academic, full-text ebooks.

  • Safari Books Online - Access to more than 21,000 digital books and videos on updated topics ranging from technology and business to digital media and personal/professional development.  
  • Google Books - a service that searches the full text of books and magazines that the UHMC Library may not have. 

Print Book Collection

Article Databases

Subject Guide

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