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Library Printing Prices

B/W Single 10¢
B/W Duplex 20¢
Color Single 10¢ 50¢
Color Duplex 19¢ $1.00
Photo Print 40¢ 50¢

Frequently Asked Questions



How do I pay for printing?

  • ink funds are required for ink printing services. To add value, you may use a credit/debit card at the ink SmartStation, a print kiosk powered by frontier technology, or visit to add funds online.

How do I check my balance?

What file types are compatible with the ink SmartStation?

  • .doc/.docx (Microsoft Word / Google Doc), .ppt/.pptx (Microsoft Powerpoint / Google Slide), .pdf (Adobe PDF), .txt (Text), .jpg (JPEG), .png (PNG), .gif (GIF), & .xlsx (Microsoft Excel / Google Sheet)

How do I print multiple pages on the ink SmartStation?

  • Before sending a job to the SmartStation, you are able to quantify the amount of copies per job at the Print menu. You may also quantify at the SmartStation when adding jobs for printing.
    Note: Be sure to double check the Print Summary page to avoid double printing jobs.

Is there free printing?

  • Upon registering a UHMC student id card to an ink account, a redeemable complimentary code is available. Redeem code: "freshink" for $1 INK value. 

Can I print from home?

  • To print from a home computer or non-library station, visit You will add jobs to the queue and be able to retrieve them from the SmartStation. Jobs will remain in the print list for 42 hours and be removed when time has depleted.
    Note: When jobs are printed, jobs will remain for the remainder of the 42 hour duration.

Can I print on mobile devices?

  • To print from a mobile device, visit You will add jobs to the queue and be able to retrieve them from the SmartStation. Jobs will remain in the print list for 42 hours and be removed when time has depleted. 
    Note: When jobs are printed, jobs will remain for the remainder of the 42 hour duration.

How do I stop/cancel/halt my print job?

  • Once a job has been sent, there is no cancel feature. Monies will not be refunded for double prints or blank pages.
    Note: To avoid unwanted prints, double check your print job in Preview mode and please review the Print Summary page.

No Paper / Ink running low?

  • If you encounter an error demanding paper or ink replenishing, please contact the Circulation Desk or Tech Tutor Desk to restock the materials.

What do I do if the SmartStation stops printing during a job?

  • In the rare event that you encounter a printing halt, please contact Circulation Desk or Tech Tutor Desk.
    Note: The SmartStation will only take payment for pages that have completed printing. All other monies will be refunded.

Additional Printing Options


Free Printing on Campus

  • Ho’okahua Student Center ph: (808) 984-3359 loc. Ka Lama 202
    Free printing up to 10 pages per day (b/w only)
  • Kaiao Student Success Center ph: (808) 984-3402 
    Free printing up to 20 pages per day (b/w only)
  • Veterans Resource Center (VRC) ph: (808) 984-3242
    Free printing up to 5 pages per day (b/w only)

Paid Printing on Campus

  • The Learning Center (TLC) ph: (808) 984-3240
    10¢ per page (B/W), $1.00 per page (Color)

Copy machines on Campus:

  • The Learning Center (TLC) ph: (808) 984-3240
    10¢ per page (B/W only)
  • Veterans Resource Center (VRC) ph: (808) 984-3242
    5¢ per page (B/W only)


3D Printing

Get creative and watch your ideas take shape using our Form II 3D printer. Choose a design from an online model database or you can create your own designs using CAD software.


Find Free 3D Models:

  • Thingiverse - Makerbot's searchable design library community
  • 3D Warehouse  - Sketchup's searchable design library
  • Instructables community of people who like to make things 
  • Yeggi - search engine to find 3D models
  • Repables - 3D printing file repository
  • Smithsonian X3D - collection of 3D models of various artifacts from the Smithsonian Museums
  • NIH 3D Print Exchange - website for searching, browsing, downloading, and sharing biomedical 3D print files, modeling tutorials, and educational material
  • NASA 3D Resources - printable 3D models from NASA 


Desktop Software

A free, web-based application to create 3D models for printing. This app is very quick to learn, with quick tutorials and lessons on how to use it. It can generate quick shapes and geometry, insert letters, numbers and symbols into your model, and can import from other 3D files. It requires a free account with Autodesk.

SketchUp, which was owned by Google but sold to Trimble, is a great 3D modeling program with a quick learning curve and a lot of documentation.

Blender is an extremely powerful, open-source, professional 3D production software that allows for creation of 3D models, applications, and video games.

MeshMixer is a 3D processing software that allows for editing and refining 3D models (for example, adding supports), and creating new and interesting designs.


Get it Printed:

  1. Review our 3D Printing Guidelines 
  2. Text the keyword "3D" to 808-518-4080 or go to
  3. Fill out a print request form and submit your .stl or .obj file to be printed.



Where to Scan


Knowledge Imaging Center (KIC)

The KIC Click is the library's scanner. The KIC Click is a high-speed, face-up book capture system that captures nearly 20 book pages per minute for instant access on tablets, notebooks, smart devices and easy transfer to desktop PCs and servers.  It captures up to 22 x 16 inch books and materials at an uncompromising resolution of 300dpi.  Using the KIC Click is free and you can save and send scanned pages to your email or USB flash drive.


Ink Smart Station

Other than printing, the Ink Smart Station has a bed scanner.  It is ideal for books and documents that are 8.5 x 11 inches.  With this feature, you can also save and send your scanned pages to compatible applications.


If you need help using the library's KIC or Ink Smart Station, the library staff will be happy to assist you.