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A guide for those in the Hospitality and Tourism program.

Library Quick Links

Citing Sources

Suggested Websites

Search Tips -- Keywords

Don't be afraid to collect a lot of keywords to use during searching.  Keep plugging the words into search until you find articles you want.  Even articles about different countries may have helpful phrases and words to help you find information on your topic.


Article Databases

Helpful Websites


Use the Google Search box below to find additional resources. Use search terms that are relevant(eco-tourism, restaurants, best activities, etc...) along with your destination.

Google Web Search

Films on Demand

Films on Demand offers videos and segments related to a variety of subjects.  There is coverage of issues related to hospitality as a career and an induistry.

Films on Demand link

Before you start, please be aware of the following:
  1. From most campus computers, students will be able to view embedded and linked videos without logging in (campus includes all outreach sites). 
  2. Off campus students will have to make a Films on Demand account FIRST. Students need to click the link on the library home page as shown below.
  3. Shortcut links will not work, students must click the homepage link to login.
  4. Students login to the UH authentication service, using their UH username and password.
  5. Once at the Films on Demand website, students need to make a Films on Demand account by following the instructions on the Films on Demand main webpage.
  6. Students then login to Films on Demand.
  7. Then students may go back to the embedded video or click the video link to view the video.

CREDO Reference

Credo Logo

Credo Reference offers full-text reference books (i.e. encyclopedias) on a variety of topics including many in the hospitality industry.


Search CREDO Reference Here


Books and eBooks


picture of books

Books in the UHMC Library

The Library collects books and eBooks related to HOST courses, the Program, and associated learning objectives.  We use a system called Voyager to search for books in the library. 

Search Voyager Here

When searching for information on travel/tourism try adding the word "guidebook" to your country's name.


Highlights from the Collection(s)

Careers in the hospitality Industry