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HIST 151: Finding books

This guide will help students in History 151 or anyone interested in the ancient world.


Electronic Books

Check the Ebook Central collection for over 70,000 eBooks in all subject areas.


eBook Collection from EBSCO

A general eBook collection from EBSCO -- contains a multitude of books on a variety of subjects.

Evaluating Sources


-- When was the information created?
-- Does your topic require updated information?


-- Does the information relate to your paper/project?
-- Is it written at an appropriate level? (not too advanced or elementary)


-- Is the author qualified to write on this subject?
-- Does the URL reveal anything about the author or source?


-- Where does the information come from?
-- Is the information supported by legitimate sources?


-- Why was the site created (advertising, share knowledge, entertainment)?
-- Do the authors make their intentions clear?

Finding Books

Picture of books

Print Books

Typically, books offer a more in-depth study of a subject or topic.  Use the research tips at the left to help you in using books for your research paper.

Search the online library catalog - Voyager 

Online Sources for Books

The websites below contain the full text for many classic and primary source texts.