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Overcoming Test Anxiety

Tips for reducing test anxiety

What causes test anxiety?

Some things that can increase test anxiety are

  1. Insufficient Test Preparation
    • Cramming the night before the exam
    • Inadequate time management
    • Inadequate study skills or study habits
  2. Worrying about...
    • Past test performance
    • Poor present performance
    • Negative consequences of poor performance
    • How others are doing on the test compared to you
  3. Stimulant Use
    • Caffeine, nicotine, and amphetamines, can make you feel more jittery and anxious.

If your anxiety is severe, persistent, or generalized beyond testing situations, you may benefit from seeing a UHMC personal counselor who can work with you to reduce the levels of anxiety you are experiencing. Click here to get contact information for UHMC's personal support counselors

Click on the strategies tab in this guide to learn other things you can do leading up, during, and after the exam to reduce test anxiety.


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