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Overcoming Test Anxiety

Tips for reducing test anxiety

How do you know if you have test anxiety?

Some anxiety before a test is okay. It helps to feel energized and alert, but too much anxiety can interfere with test performance by impairing your ability to think.  Read through the following statements and note the true ones for you.

  • Worrying about the test distracts me from studying.
  • I can't sleep well when a big test is coming up.
  • I don't feel ready for a test, even if I study a lot.
  • I can't relax physically before a test.
  • I feeze when taking tests; I can't think and forget the things I know.
  • My stomach becomes upset before important tests.
  • I have negative thoughts while taking the test.
  • My muscles become very tense when I take a test.
  • I have panicky feelings when I have to take a test.

If you checked serval or more of these items, you likely have test anxiety that exceeds the normal nervousness associated with test-taking. This Libguide provides information about test anxiety and ways to reduce it. 

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