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Exam Success Strategies

A how to for succeeding at exams

What is the structure of the exam?

  1. Before you start studying, find out information about the structure of the test. 
    • Is it timed?
    • What is the format (multiple-choice, essay, short answer, problem-based, or a combination)?
    • How many questions?
    • Find out what learning objectives, competencies, or outcomes will be assessed (look in syllabi or course outlines).
    • Is it an open-book test? 
    • Are you allowed to use your notes?
    • What other resources are you allowed to use during the test?
    • What chapters or topics are covered on the exam?
    • Is it cumulative (covers the whole semester of topics)? 
    • Ask your instructor through email or by visiting them during their office hours if you are unsure.
    • If the exam is online, you should also find out
      • The technical requirements for the exam.
      • Where do you access the exam - through Laulima or a 3rd party vendor?
      • How will it be proctored?
      • What are the procedures to follow if you have technical problems?
      • How many attempts are you allowed?
      • Can you skip a question and go back?
      • What is the resubmission policy?

Additional Resources:

Visiting your instructors' office hours (video)