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Exam Success Strategies

A how to for succeeding at exams

Self Observation: Assessing Exam Preparedness

Assess your current exam preparation strategies by rating each question.  

1 - Never, 2- Sometimes, 3- Most of the time

  1. Do you determine what content is on the exam before you begin studying?
  2. Do you set up study goals for what you hope to accomplish each time you study?
  3. Do you set aside sufficient time to prepare for exams?
  4. Do you develop a study plan over a number of days?
  5. Do you identify specific study strategies you use in each of your study sessions?
  6. Do you study in groups?
  7. Do you use study strategies other than rereading your notes and book?
  8. Do you review your mistakes on past exams?
  9. Do you write questions to answer while studying?
  10. Do you combine information from your lecture notes and texts together according to themes and topics when you study?