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Exam Success Strategies

A how to for succeeding at exams

Predicting Exam Questions

Predicting exam questions helps you focus on the most important information to know going into the test. The key to predicting test questions is to focus on the most likely sources that teachers construct exam questions.

  • Sections in your textbook that the instructor covers during the lecture;
  • Information provided by an instructor that is not in your textbook;
  • Questions the instructor asks in class;
  • Information, the instructor, writes on a whiteboard;
  • Information provided in a Powerpoint presentation;
  • Verbal cues  - information the instructor repeats;
  • Visual cues like diagrams or concept maps covered in the lecture;
  • Listen for "this will be on the test";
  • End of chapter questions;
  • Study guide questions;
  • Review previous tests and quizzes;
  • Organize information by themes, ideas, concepts, and trends;
  • Consult the course competencies and learning objectives;